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Ok ok! Lets get serious... How does it work exactly and what can I do with it?

Selfies and social media have become incredibly important in recent years. The AR.BOX builds on this and inspires its guests. Your guests interact with their icons live on the big screen and take extraordinary souvenir photos home with them.


Ideally, you combine this augmented reality experience with a social media campaign and/or a competition via Instagram to generate the greatest possible reach.

Aha! What exactly happens when I stand in front of the AR.BOX?

Control the image content with gestures or touch and put yourself in the right light with your icons and take a photo.

The user stands in front of the screen and selects their favorites by touch or gesture control on the screen. The guest then sees himself in full size on the big screen in front of him. The characters or games just selected enter the picture at the same time and position themselves around the visitor and compete with him.

OK, understood. And how do I get a photo?

By triggering the camera, an image is generated which the guest can then view and repeat if necessary. In order to share it immediately afterwards, they can either download it via QR code or have it sent to them by email. A selection of pre-made filters allows the final touch and polish to be applied to the images captured so they are Instagram-ready.

I am convinced! I really really want an AR.BOX now. Where can I get it?

Great decision! Just get in touch with us by mail ( or call us at +49 30 2250750

Yes, but now I have to pay them too. What does this cost?

We'd love to give them to you for free, but unfortunately we can't. We offer attractive rental or purchase options. We will also find a solution that suits you for longer installations such as musicals, theaters or seasonal rents.

But if I have it now, my players or actors and products have to go in there too, right?

You are right. The AR.BOX itself comes to you tailored for your product, showcase and branding. We offer a variety of options and services for this, so that it is 100% individualized for you.

And what services can you offer me?

We are happy to take care of your user interface design, as well as individual sequences of videos and graphics in the AR.BOX.

In addition, we can offer you recordings of your players and actors with a green screen studio on site. But if you can't travel, we're happy to come to you with a mobile setup. As a rule, we do not need more than 15 minutes per actor for all recordings.


Okay, cool! Anything else you can help me with?

We are also happy to offer you the transport, handling and assembly as well as dismantling of your AR.BOX so that you don't have to worry about anything else. Our AR.BOX comes in a robust flight case and can therefore be transported in a truck, plane or ship.

What about sponsors and digital advertising space?

You have the option of storing new sponsors, icons, logos, discount campaigns or similar in the AR.BOX on a daily basis. In this way, you customize the AR.BOX for sponsor days or customer events. For example, the sponsor's logo can be seen on all generated images.

Can i do design changes by myself?

Sure! We supply you a free of charge graphic template. With this template, you are able to redesign backrounds, buttons and logos daily.

Is it possible to print out pictures?

Of course! Who does not know the old Polaroid pictures. We offer you an additional module with which you can print out your pictures.

Where is the image saved?

Different. Depending on the end device, the video and/or image is saved either in the gallery or under files on your smartphone.

Can I store discount codes or promotions, for example?

For certain marketing or sales campaigns, you can, for example, print a QR code on the image as a voucher. With this, the visitor could go to one of your stores and receive a discount of e.g. 5% with his picture and the QR code.

What about data protection?

We are happy to offer you secure provision of the images and delete these images either immediately after they have been downloaded by your guest or automatically in a cycle of, for example, 12 hours. The data is encrypted in the cloud.

Can I save customer data for marketing purposes?

Of course. We offer you the option of collecting customer data or using the AR.BOX anonymously. Optionally, for example, name and email address can be recorded and transferred, for example, as Excel or directly to CRM systems such as Salesforce.

Does AR.BOX leave me out in the rain?

She would never do that! But she doesn't want to be left out in the rain by you either. We are also working on an outdoor variant, but this is currently not available. Our AR.BOX is therefore currently only suitable for indoor installations.

Is there a possibility for support and remote assistance?

We are happy to offer you the opportunity to take care of your AR.BOX during and before the match days. This includes, for example, the integration of new icons, logos or frames for the respective event. Whether physically on site or via remote support - we won't leave you out in the rain.

Do you also deliver the AR.BOX outside of Germany and/or Europe?

We sell, deliver and ship the AR.BOX to Hawaii if necessary. Together with our logistics partner, we will take care of that for you.

And what if I want to build my AR.BOX into a piece of furniture or another object?

Of course, the AR.BOX is as flexible as it needs to be to meet your requirements. We are curious where you want to install them. We are happy to support you with technical data sheets and assistance.

Do you have any more questions about the technology and availability of the AR.BOX?

Get in touch with us!

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